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Products - Hood
CHEMICAL HOOD NP312 The assembly consists of a twin cartridge respirator and a light weight hood. Designed to protect head, face, eyes and lungs against dust, paints, solvent, etc. HOOD: PVC CLOTH LENS: POLYCARBONATE ( P. C. ) 110 x 200 x 0. 5 mm TWIN ...
AIR-SUPPLIED MASK NP375 The assembly consists of a half-mask, waist belt, air regulator and quick connector. The air diffuser under the chin balances the air flow in the mask. Brand: Blue Eagle ( Taiwan) Mask Body ( NP305-Chemical Respirator): Rubber ...
AIR-SUPPLIED SANDBLAST HOOD NP503 Designed for all sandblasting operations. Air regulator provides smooth and low noise air flow. Hood: PVC and Nylon Fabric Cloth Outer Lens: Heat Treated Glass: 114x133x5 mm Inner Lens: Polycarbonate ( P. C. ): 114x133x1. 0mm ...
AIR-SUPPLIED SPRAY PAINTING HOOD NP505 Light Weight Replaceable Visor Air Regulator Provides Smooth And Low Noise AirFlow Blue Eagle NP505 AIR SUPPLIED SPRAY PAINTING HOOD Surabaya
ARC-WELDING LEATHER HOOD NP901 Lift-front lens holder Used in narrow working areas for arc-welding operation. Total length x width: 480mm x 650 mm Blue Eagle NP901 ARC WELDING LEATHER HOOD Surabaya